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A 1980s trend makes a comeback at Arts Fest’s Children and Youth Day

Style trends from decades past have been reappearing all across the country, and some of this year’s exhibitors at the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts Children and Youth Day on Wednesday embraced a 1980s throwback: scrunchies.

Children and Youth Day, which kicks off the five-day Arts Fest, encourages kids ages 8-18 to have their own booths and sell their original crafts. In recent years, booth trends included slime and magic wands. This year, several popular booths along Allen Street featured the 1980s and ‘90s-era hair tie known as the scrunchie, which can double as a wrist accessory.

In their booth, 16-year-olds Audrey Clement and Rachel Dangelo embraced the return of the scrunchie and put their sewing skills to the test. Their table was littered with colorful, patterned, velvet and shimmery scrunchies, while each girl modeled a hair tie of their own creation on their wrists.

“I make dresses for dolls, so the sewing process wasn’t too difficult,” Rachel Dangelo said.

Another scrunchie-creating duo, Anna Gardiner, 13, and Kaitelyn Pachey, 14, agreed that the process wasn’t hard, but time consuming.

The girls described their creation process in a few easy steps, but mentioned that it had taken a few weeks to create their expansive collection.

“You take a piece of fabric, you sew it, iron it, and then you put the elastic through,” Anna Gardiner said.

Addison Nagy, 12, had her own scrunchie booth, and said visitors included everyone from kids to college students.

“A little bit of both (children and college students) have come through and sales have been good,” she said.

Two sisters, Madi Rebarchack, 12, and Sara Rebarchak, 19, gained inspiration from the trend gaining popularity in their schools, and were selling both slime and scrunchies at their stand.

“We were expecting to sell more slime, but sales have been pretty even,” Sara Rebarchak said.

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