State College

State High parking changes announced

On Monday, the State College Area High School South Building front parking lot will be closed until further notice.

According to a report from the school district, the closure will be due to construction of the high school project.

The report said parking will be moved to other areas of the State High campus.

Parking information from State College Area School District:

▪ All student parking will be at the North Building parking lot. This lot will be for students only.

▪ Faculty parking will be in the South Building rear lot by the main office, and in temporary lots by the North Building’s Logan Avenue entrance and by Community Field.

▪ The North main student drop-off/pickup point will be at the North Building’s Logan Avenue entrance.

▪ The South student drop-off/pickup point, for before and after school only, will be at the designated area behind the South Building via the loop road starting at O’Bryan Lane.

▪ During the school day, the South student drop-off/pick-up point will be in the parking area outside of the main South office.

▪ The main student pedestrian travel path between the North and South buildings will pass by Welch Community Pool and lead to the South main entrance.

▪ Another student travel path from the South Building auditorium will parallel O’Bryan Lane and lead to a Westerly Parkway crossing.

▪ The access road from the North lot to Plaza Drive will remain open.