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Patton Township discusses proposed sewer line

A public hearing regarding a sewer line proposal serving the Gray’s Woods area Wednesday generated many questions but no action during a regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors.

The proposal came following an initial proposal in September, which suggested a gravity-fed sewer line that would run through the Cedar Cliff community. Residents of the community roundly rejected the idea, which was eventually scrapped.

The new proposal, according to University Area Joint Authority Executive Director Cory Miller, seeks to add a new pump station along Meeks Lane south of the intersection of Meeks and Sellers Lane. The line would then follow Meeks, paralleling a portion of Scotia Road, then traveling cross country where it would eventually end near Lowe’s Home Improvement.

The purpose of the new line, Miller said, is to eliminate a number of stations within the Gray’s Woods area. All stations are pumping to each other before finally pumping to the UAJA.

“Pump stations pumping from one to another causes a problem,” he said, “because if one fails and the others continue to pump, that’s just waiting for an environmental disaster to happen.”

The single pump station along Meeks would eliminate up to five stations, he said, also preventing the need to add a station to the southwest near Piper Lane. Instead, gravity lines would be installed that would feed to the pump station.

“(The stations) are reaching the end of their useful life,” Centre Region Planning Agency Director Jim May said. “We have the opportunity to do some long range planning here and think about how we want to move forward.”

Because the pump station and a portion of the lines will sit outside the sewer service area, approval of the station would have to come from the Centre Region Council of Governments, May said. Initial authorization would come from the township supervisors.

Miller said he hoped the project would be underway within the next five years. The path for the pipeline has not been finalized yet.

The supervisors verified a township rule that states any resident who can connect to the sewer line is required to, but added that waivers would be considered if a resident recently installed a new septic system.

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