Trial begins for state trooper in alleged assault case

The trial for a state trooper who allegedly beat and threatened to kill his wife began Wednesday in Clearfield County Court.

Terry Drew Jordan, 47, of Clearfield, until his arrest in April was part of Gov. Tom Wolf’s security detail. He faces charges of aggravated assault, simple assault, terroristic threats and recklessly endangering another person in connection to events that occurred at his home in Lawrence Township April 21.

In his opening statements, District Attorney William A. Shaw Jr. said Deborah Jordan was assaulted by her husband, Terry Jordan, after they returned home from a friend’s residence that evening. At one point, he allegedly held a gun to her head and threatened to kill her.

Attorney Bryan Walk, who is representing Terry Jordan, said in his opening statements it was a mutual fight and his client was only trying to defend himself.

He said it began after Deborah Jordan accused her husband of cheating on her.

Deborah Jordan testified that she and her husband were both drinking with dinner at home before going to Daniel Lanager’s apartment.

They arrived late for a dinner party, but socialized and had a few drinks there until about 10 p.m., she testified. Lanager walked one of the attendees out, leaving just Deborah Jordan and Terry Jordan.

Deborah Jordan testified that Terry Jordan took his shirt off and had his pants down when Lanager returned.

Terry Jordan also allegedly unbuttoned her shirt before directing Lanager to admire and touch her breasts. She said Lanager was touching Terry Jordan in a sexual manner when he noticed she was crying. Lanager stopped and told Terry Jordan that she wasn’t into it. This is when she said Terry Jordan became angry.

“I could see anger in his face,” she said. She allegedly told Lanager, “I fear for my life tonight.”

Deborah Jordan said when she and her husband got home, he ripped her pants down. She wanted nothing to do with him at that point and tried to get into the house. He came after her. When they were inside the home, he allegedly started punching her.

“I tried to fight back,” she said.

He allegedly punched her in the nose and hit her head so hard that “I fell down into the fetal position,” she said.

Deborah Jordan said he choked her then put a gun to the side of her head and threatened to kill her.

She said he told her “no one is going to miss you when you’re gone.”

“I was never so scared in my life,” she testified as she started to cry.

When he left the room, she called 911.

During his cross examination, Walk focused on the differences in Deborah Jordan’s original statements to police, her written statement and her testimony. She responded that she was “so shook up” that night that she didn’t give police every detail.

Dr. Ernest Jones, an emergency room physician with Penn Highlands Clearfield who treated her that night, testified regarding Deborah Jordan’s injuries. She suffered a right rib fracture, multiple contusions, had pain in the back of her head, trauma to her abdomen, back and scratches on her neck. She told him Terry Jordan punched, choked and kicked her as he assaulted her with his hands and feet.

Testimony continues Thursday when the commonwealth will call its last witness. The defense is expected to call several character witnesses in support of Jordan.