Former state trooper convicted on 1 count, cleared of others

After deliberating for more than four hours on Friday, a jury found a state trooper not guilty of seriously injuring his wife following a three-day trial in Clearfield County Court.

Terry Drew Jordan, 47, of Clearfield, was accused of beating his wife and threatening to kill her while he held a gun to her head during an April incident at their home.

The jury found him not guilty on aggravated assault, one count of simple assault, recklessly endangering another person, and terroristic threats charges. He was convicted on a second count of simple assault.

Until his arrest in April, Jordan was part of Gov. Tom Wolf’s security detail. According to Clearfield County District Attorney William A. Shaw Jr., because this was an incident of domestic violence, Jordan will not be permitted to carry a firearm, ending his 18-year career with the state police.

After the verdict, Jordan’s attorney, Bryan Walk, asked President Judge Fredric J. Ammerman to reduce Jordan’s $500,000 bail. The judge agreed, lowering it to $5,000, unsecured. Jordan was expected to be released pending sentencing. He has been incarcerated since April 21.

On Thursday, Jordan testified in own defense, saying he and his wife were arguing about his extramarital affair when she punched him in the mouth. He said that her injuries were the result of falling into a wall after he pushed her away from him. Later, she started arguing with him again.

She swung at me and our feet got tangled, he told the jury. They both fell into a dresser and he landed on top of her. She was face down when he said he put his arms down to try to get up. She bit him on the right wrist, and wouldn’t let go until he put his knee into her back, he testified.

After this he left the home to “diffuse the situation.” He traveled to his ex-girlfriend’s home and then returned to his residence where police were waiting. He was taken into custody.

An emergency room physician testified regarding Deb Jordan’s injuries. She suffered a right rib fracture, multiple contusions, had pain in the back of her head, trauma to her abdomen and back, and scratches on her neck, the physician said. She told him Terry Jordan punched, choked and kicked her as he assaulted her with his both hands and feet.

Testimony from the warden of the Clearfield County Jail, Greg Collins, confirmed that Jordan had a fat lip and a bite mark on his wrist when he was processed at the jail.

On Wednesday, Deb Jordan testified that Terry Jordan was angry because she did not want to participate in a three-way sex act with a friend at his apartment. Terry Jordan confirmed the encounter in his testimony but said he wasn’t angry on the ride home. Instead, he said that Deb Jordan was talking about his affair again. Both admitted they were drinking that night at home before going to the apartment, where they consumed more alcohol.

Things escalated when they got home.

Deb Jordan testified that Terry Jordan punched her in the nose and hit her head so hard that “I fell down into the fetal position,” then kicked her. He gave up and she was able to get into the bedroom. Next he got on top of her on the bed so she could not breathe, she testified, saying he choked her multiple times. She got up, but he grabbed her again and had her up against the wall when he reached to a dresser for a pistol. It was then, Deb Jordan said, that he put the gun to the side of her head and threatened to kill her.

“I was never so scared in my life,” she testified as she started to cry.