Teats sentenced to 3-6 years for Megan’s Law violation

A Philipsburg man was sentenced to 3-6 years in state prison Tuesday after failing to register his employment in accordance with Megan’s Law.

Kenneth Teats, 60, is a tier-three — the highest tier of sexual offenders — lifetime Megan’s Law registrant based on a previous conviction that requires him to register with the state police every 90 days, according to a Centre County District Attorney’s Office news release.

In September 2015, state police received a request by the Meagan’s Law unit to investigate Teats’ employment at a pizza restaurant in Philipsburg, the release said. The investigation determined that Teats had been working at the shop since June 30, 2015, and had failed to register his employment within three business days.

Responding to the restaurant, state police officers found Teats working in the kitchen, wearing a shirt with the shop’s logo, the release said.

Testimony by Teats revealed he was initially provided room and board in exchange for working at the pizza shop, the release said. He was later compensated for his work with an hourly wage and progressed into more significant responsibilities.

He also admitted he had been employed since June 30, 2015, and hadn’t registered his employment until October 2015, the release said.

Teats was charged with a felony count of failure to register with the state police in September 2015, according to court documents. He was found guilty in November.