How State College police took down an alleged drug dealer

State College police say a confidential informant provided a tip to authorities, which led to the arrest of an alleged drug dealer in the area.

The informant told police they purchased marijuana from a man who identified himself as Harrison in February and arranged to buy more in April. Police photocopied $350 in prerecorded money, gave it to the informant and took them to the intersection of East Nittany Avenue and Berry Alley on April 28.

The informant and a man, later identified as Harrison Michael Sagula, 21, of Macungie, walked into a fraternity house. The informant emerged from the residence, was picked up by police and turned over an ounce of an unknown substance.

Police field tested the substance, which was revealed to be marijuana.

Authorities then obtained a court order on May 4 to intercept communication between the informant and Sagula, who allegedly contacted the informant a day later and offered half an ounce of marijuana for $180. Police gave the informant a digital recorder, dropped them off in State College on May 5 and observed another meeting with Sagula in the same area as the first meeting.

Detectives, according to court documents, maintained constant visual surveillance of the meeting. The informant returned with another bag of marijuana.

The recording revealed that Sagula is a Penn State student who gets marijuana from California.

More tests confirmed on Aug. 30 that the substance in each case was marijuana.

Sagula was arraigned Thursday and charged with four felony counts of intent to manufacture, deliver or possess, two felony counts of criminal use of a communication facility and two misdemeanor counts of intent to possess a controlled substance.

His preliminary hearing is Wednesday.