2 men broke into a woman’s apartment. Police say it wasn’t the first time.

Kenneth Chan
Kenneth Chan

Two men broke into at least five apartments, according to Ferguson Township police.

Police launched an investigation at about 1 a.m. Saturday when a woman reported that a man who she did not know had entered her apartment’s bedroom. The woman asked who he was before he fled the scene with another person. She described them as men, one wearing all black and another wearing dark blue. One of the men was wearing a hat and glasses.

Police spotted two men matching the description outside of a residence in the apartment complex at 348 Blue Course Drive, and they allegedly ran when police approached them. The men were blocked by another police officer in the apartment and one surrendered. The other reportedly turned to go in the opposite direction, but was arrested by officers who were following him.

Yassine Bricha, 20, told police he and his roommate Kenneth Chan, 20, were bored and decided to break into apartments for fun that night, according to the affidavit. Bricha allegedly admitted to breaking into more than five apartments, but could not give an exact number. He said they would enter through unlocked doors or windows, use a flashlight to search for items and steal liquor.

Bricha also corroborated the woman’s story that they broke into her apartment’s bedroom through a window and ran when she confronted them, according to the affidavit.

Bricha and Chan were charged with felony burglary, felony criminal trespass, misdemeanor receiving stolen property, misdemeanor theft and criminal mischief and purchasing alcohol by a minor, summary offenses. They were unable to post $25,000 bail set by District Judge Carmine W. Prestia and are in custody at the Centre County Correctional Facility.

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