Woman reportedly assaulted by friend while unconscious, police say

A night of bar hopping in State College ended in an indecent assault, according to police.

A woman reported an incident to State College police on Nov. 15, the day after she and a group of friends drank at several downtown bars. The woman told police she felt she had too much to drink and couldn’t finish her last shot, which a friend, David W. Emel II, drank for her.

Emel, 25, of State College, drove her to his brother’s house at her request, because she was not feeling well, according to an affidavit. She told police no one else except Emel was in the house, and she fell asleep on an air mattress with no one else in the spare room.

The woman told police she woke up to Emel performing a sexual act on her, which she said occurred several times during the night. She was in and out of consciousness during the alleged assaults.

Emel woke her up at about 9 a.m. Nov. 15 when she noticed her pants were unbuttoned, according to the affidavit. She told police that was when she realized that the alleged assaults were not a dream. She asked Emel why her pants were unbuttoned, and he allegedly responded “Oh yeah, my bad.”

The woman left the apartment and later in the day and communicated with Emel via text and social media. Emel allegedly said he “should never have done that.”

Texts from Emel to the woman, according to the affidavit, included, “I might have gone (too) far I’m Sorry (sic),” and “I got the wrong signs and I went with it the wrong way ... I am sorry it is all my fault. I wish I could take it back.”

Emel allegedly admitted in another text that the woman had tried to move his hand away from her, which is when he said he stopped. The woman told police she did not remember that detail due to her intoxication.

Emel was charged with misdemeanor indecent assault of an unconscious person, misdemeanor indecent assault without the consent of another person and harassment by physical contact, a summary offense.

A preliminary hearing was scheduled for Jan. 3 by District Judge Steven Lachman.

Shawn Annarelli: 814-235-3928, @Shawn_Annarelli