He fired on police. Now he is charged with attempted homicide and more.

A Snow Shoe man is facing more charges after a stand-off with police.

Franklin Furl III, 53, was previously charged with felony aggravated assault and misdemeanor reckless endangerment after the Dec. 2 incident in which he aimed and discharged a firearm at several members of the Pennsylvania State Police Special Emergency Response Team, according to a release from the state police at Rockview.

Court records show the newest felony charges against Furl include six counts each of criminal attempted homicide and assault of a law enforcement officer and 10 counts each of aggravated assault, aggravated assault by physical menace and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

He was also charged with 10 counts each of misdemeanors simple assault and 10 counts of recklessly endagering another person.

Furl III is awaiting preliminary arraignment and a preliminary hearing is scheduled for Wednesday.