Who killed 2 dogs in Centre County?

Two dogs were recently found tethered to a tree and apparently shot in Curtin Township.

State police at Rockview confirmed that they are leading the investigation into the incident, but declined to comment on whether they have any leads.

The dogs were located by state troopers Tuesday and retrieved for a necropsies — autopsies of the dogs. Stacy Parks Miller said a suspect has been identified in the case, in which it appeared the dogs were tied to the tree and shot.

A hunter posted a photo of the dogs on Facebook after discovering them, but has since taken it down.

Kari Coble, founder of nonprofit rescue group One Dog At A Time, said she hopes police will be able to determine who is responsible for the deaths.

“Unfortunately, nothing shocks me anymore,” Coble said. “I see this kind of stuff happen way too often.”

Coble cited recent incidents in which a dog was shot in Blair County and four dogs were rescued after being tied to a box in Juniata County as examples of how often animal cruelty occurs. She was happy that police began to investigate the case when they learned about the photo.

“An unlawful killing of a dog is a Felony 3 now under Libre’s law, and if the facts fit this crime appropriately charges will indeed be filed and pursued,” Parks Miller said.

Coble said she hopes that animal cruelty laws implemented in the state several months ago will not only deter animal cruelty, but also lead to more convictions for similar cases.

“Animal cruelty is a much larger issue than many people think,” Coble said “We are going to need to give more tools, training and resources to law enforcement now that punishments are starting to fit the crimes and now that we’re get more people coming forward to report animal cruelty.”

Shawn Annarelli: 814-235-3928, @Shawn_Annarelli