'I'm one of the longest-running dope dealers in State College,' heroin dealer boasted, police say

Douglas Sunday
Douglas Sunday

A felony drug delivery resulting in death charge has been refiled on Friday against a Bellefonte man who allegedly supplied heroin that contributed to a 45-year-old man's death.

State police at Rockview say Douglas Sunday, 30, delivered the heroin responsible for the death of Christopher Hagens, who died April 9 at a Benner Township residence.

Hagens gave Sunday $500 to purchase three bundles — or 30 bags — of heroin from the Pittsburgh area. Sunday told police the heroin cost $200 and he kept the remaining money as profit.

"We about to be 300 bucks richer come tomorrow," Sunday allegedly texted a woman.

Sunday, the woman, Hagens and Stephen Watkins ingested about nine bags of heroin at Sunday's residence after he returned, according to police. Hagens and Watkins continued to ingest heroin after they returned to their residence.

The manner in which Hagens ingested the heroin was discussed at Sunday's preliminary hearing in June.

State police at Rockview trooper Michael Brown testified that Watkins injected the heroin into Hagens' arm because he was afraid of needles.

District Judge Carmine Prestia dismissed the drug delivery resulting in death charge, but bound Sunday over for trial on four other counts.

The refiled affidavit of probable cause said Sunday boasted about his drug history and discussed the possibility of pinning the incident on someone else.

"I turned this town out. This town had no dope. I mean they had dope, but not like it is now," Sunday allegedly told a confidential informant in 2010. "I'm low key and I'm one of the longest-running dope dealers in State College. Like, every time they think they got me, I'm like 10 steps ahead of them."

The 30-year-old pleaded guilty to three counts of heroin delivery, two counts of marijuana delivery and five counts of criminal use of a communication facility in 2011. He also pleaded guilty to one count of heroin delivery in 2016, according to police.

Police also offered details about Sunday's conversations with a woman while he was detained at the Centre County Correctional Facility.

One day after Hagens was pronounced dead, Sunday reportedly told the woman he never stuck a needle in Hagens' arm and Watkins was the one who "shot him up."

"True. But I mean, you supplied it," the woman said.

"Yeah, I'm probably gonna do like five years," Sunday responded.

Four days later, Sunday told the woman he was going to turn someone else in for the incident. The woman told Sunday the person "has family," but Sunday asked what else he was supposed to do, according to police.

"You find me someone. You find me somebody to put it on then," Sunday allegedly told the woman.

The next day, Sunday reiterated that he did not inject the heroin into Hagens' arm.

"I will, I will own the drug sale. I did that. I sold the drugs. F--- it. I did not kill that man. I did not stick a needle in his arm. And I did not let him die," Sunday said.

Sunday and the woman spoke for a third consecutive day, but the conversation was about a dispute that Hagens and Watkins had while they were at Sunday's residence.

"Alright. We'll find out. Cause if that's the case, they got me on the delivery. They don't have me on the death," Sunday said.

"Well, they should only have you on delivery anyway," the woman responded.

Sunday is being detained at the Centre County Correctional Facility.

His preliminary hearing is scheduled for Wednesday.