The argument started as verbal. Then a gun appeared

McClatchy File Photo

A Renovo man was arrested Tuesday after a verbal argument allegedly became physical when a firearm became involved.

According to state police at Lamar, troopers received multiple calls regarding a male outside a Beech Creek Township residence who was in a verbal argument with another male and was “waving a handgun around.”

The man had left by the time troopers arrived on the scene, police said, but was later stopped near Masden Hollow Road. The investigation eventually revealed the man had gotten into an argument with his separated wife’s boyfriend about the separated couple’s son.

The argument turned physical when the man retrieved a .45-caliber pistol from his car and began waving it in the air, police said. He then left in the direction of Mill Hall before being stopped by troopers.

The unnamed man was charged with simple assault and disorderly conduct, police said.