Bellefonte massage therapist charged with sexual assault of patient

Carl Nelson
Carl Nelson

A Bellefonte massage therapist sexually assaulted a female patient during a massage on Wednesday, according to Bellefonte police.

The unidentified female told police she scheduled the first of three appointments about two months ago. She said the first two appointments with 37-year-old Carl Nelson at Sincere Therapy, 221 W. High St., were professional. She described him as careful, timid and thoughtful.

The third appointment began with the woman telling Nelson she was scheduled to become a foster mother, which prompted Nelson to give her a hug and congratulate her.

Nelson then told her to get undressed and lie face up on the table so he could focus on her neck and shoulders. As she was undressing, Nelson allegedly entered the room without knocking. The woman told police the appointment was different than the previous two.

The first 45 minutes of the massage were normal, according to the woman, but changed after she turned over onto her stomach. Nelson allegedly began massaging her inner thighs and the woman told police she felt uncomfortable because the massage began to feel sexual.

Nelson then reportedly climbed onto the massage table and sexually assaulted the woman. She said “no” and moved away from him, according to police.

The woman told police she was shocked and felt a state of disconnect because she realized she was alone in the building with Nelson.

After Nelson got off the table, the woman said he went back to “regular massage stuff.”

Nelson asked if the woman had any questions after the massage, to which she replied, “Yeah. Do you do that will all your clients?”

“Oh yeah, well definitely not,” Nelson allegedly said.

He also congratulated her again about the foster child, wished her luck on her journey as a mother and said he hoped he helped her relax because she deserved it, according to police.

She left Sincere Therapy after leaving a normal tip because she wanted a safe exit. The woman told police she received text messages, a phone call and a Facebook invite from Nelson after she left.

The text messages were collected by police and the woman provided a written statement.

Nelson is charged with two felony counts of sexual assault, one felony count of aggravated indecent assault without consent and one misdemeanor count of indecent assault without consent.

He was arraigned before District Judge Kelley Gillette-Walker, who denied him bail because he has no current residence and is deemed to be a public safety concern. He is being detained at the Centre County Correctional Facility.

His preliminary hearing is scheduled for Wednesday.

Powerful men continue to be accused of sexual harassment and assaults, and have been responding by accepting, hedging or dodging the allegations.