‘We’re both dying today,’ Philipsburg man allegedly told woman before strangling her

A Philipsburg man will stand trial for allegedly strangling a woman.

On July 24, police said that Adam Lee Sypin, 30, “ambushed” a woman at her Decatur Township residence. He’d been hiding in the upstairs of the woman’s home.

He reportedly told her that “we’re both dying today.” He then punched her, picked her up by the neck and slammed her into a wall, according to the affidavit of probable cause.

The woman told police her vision turned black as he continued to choke her. When she fell to the floor, her entire body was tingling and she was unable to get up, police said.

Sypin then allegedly kicked her in the stomach and kidneys while saying over and over that he was going to kill her. He also wrapped an electrical cable around her neck, tightening it until she could not breathe, according to police.

Sypin fled the scene prior to police arriving.

He was charged by state police with a felony count of strangulation, and misdemeanor counts of terroristic threats and simple assault.

After a preliminary hearing Wednesday during centralized court in Clearfield County, District Judge Mike Morris held all charges to court, sending them on to the court of common pleas.

Sypin remains incarcerated on $75,000 bail.