‘Scapegoat’ or $14,000 thief? Snappy’s store manager receives verdict

Snappy’s at the intersection of Rt 144 and Rt 45 in Old Fort on Friday, Sept. 3, 2010.
Snappy’s at the intersection of Rt 144 and Rt 45 in Old Fort on Friday, Sept. 3, 2010. Centre Daily Times, file

A jury found a former Snappy’s store manager guilty of one charge, while acquitting her of two others on Tuesday.

Eight men and four women deliberated for about two hours on Tuesday before convicting 40-year-old Tracy Addleman of felony theft by deception. The jury also acquitted Addleman of felony theft by unlawful taking and receiving stolen property after a two-day trial.

Addleman was accused of not making daily deposits for the Centre Hall store for more than a week in December — resulting in a $14,266.66 loss.

In her closing argument, Assistant Public Defender Shannon Malone argued Addleman was a “scapegoat” in the case and didn’t steal the money.

“She is not responsible for the criminal acts of other people,” Malone said. “How does someone prove something that didn’t happen?”

Assistant District Attorney Joshua Bower disagreed. After “meticulously” going through the deposit forms, he said it was clear Addleman stole the money.

“It’s there in black and white. And when you look at the deposit slips, it’s in blue and yellow,” Bower said after showing the jury a spreadsheet in a PowerPoint presentation. “Tracy had a scam going. She was stealing from the safe.”

Bower’s presentation also included an image from Google Maps that showed First National Bank, where the deposits were supposed to be made, was literally across the street from Snappy’s.

Bower also took umbrage with Malone’s assertion that Addleman was a “scapegoat” in the case. For that to be true, Bower said it would take a “grand conspiracy” with at least 10 people lying and a falsification of numerous bank statements.

“She’s trying to make a scapegoat of everybody else in this case,” Bower said. “We know why she wasn’t making deposits — she was stealing money from them.”

Addleman declined to comment. She is scheduled to be sentenced by Judge Katherine Oliver on Oct. 23.