Penn State fraternity facing charges of furnishing alcohol to minors

Delta Upsilon fraternity on Locust Lane in State College is facing charges of furnishing alcohol to minors in a party that ended in an alleged sexual assault.
Delta Upsilon fraternity on Locust Lane in State College is facing charges of furnishing alcohol to minors in a party that ended in an alleged sexual assault. CDT file photo

The Delta Upsilon fraternity is facing charges of furnishing alcohol to minors during an August party. Four days later, the frat was the subject of a sexual assault investigation, State College police said.

State College police said the incidents started when Delta Upsilon threw parties during the first week of fall semester classes.

An 18-year-old female freshman attended one party Aug. 26 at the 229 Locust Lane fraternity house, where she and a group of other freshman girls were welcomed by fraternity members, police said. No one checked to see if they were old enough to legally drink, according to police documents. Instead they were invited to play a beer-drinking game in which the beverage was consumed, according to police.

Police said that in another room, they were given more beer and two more fraternity brothers poured vodka directly into the girls’ mouths. The victim was then taken to the bedroom of the member who played beer pong with her.

According to court documents, “Girls were allowed to drink as much of the alcohol as they wanted for free.”

Police said in the affidavit of probable cause that a sexual assault occurred in connection with a second party at the fraternity Aug. 30, when alcohol was furnished in the same manner. No charges have been filed in connection with the assault, however.

The fraternity is charged with three counts of furnishing alcohol to minors and three counts of unlawful acts relative to liquor, malt and brewed beverages, according to police. Delta Upsilon waived a preliminary hearing on all charges Wednesday.

Delta Upsilon’s page on the Penn State Interfraternity Council website says the fraternity is “committed to Building Better Men through our Four Founding Principles, Friendship, Character, Culture, and Justice, that challenge our brothers to expect nothing less than excellence from themselves and others.”

Representatives from the national fraternity organization did not return calls or emails Wednesday.

University spokeswoman Lisa Powers said students involved in the case were brought up for hearings with the Office of Student Conduct.

“This accused student was brought before the board and was found in violation of the code. I cannot disclose the sanctions that were imposed due to federal guidelines that prohibit that disclosure because it is part of the student’s educational record,” Powers said. “In addition, the Office of Student Conduct filed a Clery report on the matter, as is required.

The local chapter of Delta Upsilon will be the subject of a judicial review by the Interfraternity Council on Sunday.

“Reviews can involve sanctions, such as suspension or probation — or trigger more serious reviews by the national chapter,” said Powers.

Delta Upsilon has been in trouble in the past. The fraternity’s alumni board expelled members in 2009 and closed down, reopening the house in 2010 with new brothers.