Centre Hall woman sues Idaho company

A Centre County woman is suing an Idaho company over a failed $200,000 investment.

Lois L. Rearick, of Centre Hall, on Tuesday filed suit in U.S. Middle District Court against Clearwater 2008 Note Program, of Eagle, Idaho.

The suit states she and her late husband, Lewis, in 2008 were convinced by investment salesman Robert Nalisnick to purchase $200,000 in interest bearing notes from Clearwater that used the proceeds to finance business construction in the Pacific Northwest.

The notes were to pay interest of 9 percent and be paid off by this Dec. 31, the court complaint states.

The notes generated $1,500 in monthly interest payments until November 2011 when the amount was reduced, the suit states. Payments ended in February 2012, the document states.

Rearick claims she is owed the $200,000 plus interest totaling $73,900. She claims she recently was advised by Clearwater funds are not available to pay her but it offered to settle the matter for $7,000.

The suit seeks payment of $273,000 plus interest. Nalisnick is not a defendant, only Clearwater.