State College man waives preliminary hearing on assault charges

Austin Whitsitt, 23, waived his preliminary hearing Wednesday on assault charges stemming from an October incident.

Police say they arrived on the scene Oct. 4 and found a “group of males” pointing “to a male in a blue T-shirt and idetified him as the man who had punched their friend.”

Police asked for the man’s identification and determined it was Whitsitt.

According to court records, Whitsitt admitted to police “he had been kicked out of the bar and that an unknown male had pushed him.” Police say Whitsitt “claimed that he threw a single right hook and that he knocked the victim out.”

Police spoke with witnesses at the scene, just outside of Inferno. The witnesses apparently told police that they did see Whitsitt “in the bar area” and that he had started to “bother a few women” inside the bar. Whitsitt was asked to leave the bar, but allegedly returned on three occasions.

Inferno bar staff told police that Whitsitt was “confrontational” on each occasion he returned, “which caused staff and patrons of the bar to try and escort” him out.

This is when Whitsitt allegedly punched the victim, rendering him unconscious, fracturing his ankle. The victim later complained of jaw pain and did not recall getting punched.

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