Man who lit prison cell on fire sentenced to 13 to 26 years in prison

Quintez Talley
Quintez Talley

A man charged with lighting his prison cell on fire twice, in less than two days, was sentenced Tuesday for two felony counts of arson.

Quintez Talley, 31, was sentenced before District Judge Jonathan D. Grine for an incident on March 3, 2014. Court documents indicate Talley became “upset” over his “bunk arrangements” and set the cell on fire at Benner Township state prison.

Shortly after yelling “I’m going to burn this” place down, Talley reportedly “lit three separate fires within his cell.” A mattress, box of papers on the floor and coat rack near the cell’s entrance were reportedly set ablaze.

Court documents indicate when corrections officers ran to Talley’s block to put the fire out, he punched an officer in the face and “took off running around the block.”

Court documents say less than 36 hours later, Talley started another fire. That fire, according to reports submitted to the court, “caused several corrections officers to be exposed to smoke.”

Talley was charged with two felony counts of arson, recklessly endangering property, one felony count of risking catastrophe, seven counts of recklessly endangering another person and two counts of institutional vandalism.

Judge Jonathan D. Grine sentenced Talley to a minimum sentence of 13 to 26 years for the “danger he posed not only to the institution, but the people therein.”

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