Osceola Mills woman signs plea deal in burglary case

An Osceola Mills woman charged with burglary after allegedly breaking into a home and refusing to leave has signed a plea agreement.

Heidi Jo Lego, 36, was also charged with criminal trespass, harassment, criminal mischief and public drunkenness as a result of an incident in Osceola Mills on July 5. She signed a plea agreement in Clearfield County Court on Monday. Her trial, scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday, has been canceled.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, the victim and a friend were in an upstairs room watching television when he heard someone coming up the stairs. Once the suspect got to the top of the stairs, she fell down, damaging a sliding door. She regained her footing and entered the bedroom.

He told her to get out of his house, but she refused. She claimed that she lived at this residence and she wasn’t leaving her home. He approached her and again told her to get out. She allegedly refused and struck him in the face with her open hand. She then returned to the living room downstairs. She allegedly continued to refuse to leave and kept insisting it was her residence. She stated that he had no right to be inside her home.

When police arrived, the woman, later identified as Lego, was seated on a coffee table in the middle of the room. She told officers the same story: that this was her home and she was not going to leave. She again said the victim had no right to be in her house.

The victim told police he had no idea who she was or why she was there and he had never given her permission to be inside his house.

Lego will be sentenced within 60 days.