Man resentenced for attack on girlfriend, police

A man was resentenced to 16 to 32 years in prison Wednesday.

James Robert Scholl, 32, was originally given the same sentence May 8, 2014, but the Superior Court vacated it, ruling the mandatory minimum sentences for his crimes unconstitutional.

The case was remanded to Centre County for resentencing by Judge Jonathan D. Grine.

“We are grateful that the court imposed the same sentence based upon the life-and-death struggle the brave officers faced that day when dealing with this felon who pulled a loaded weapon on them and showed his intent to use it,” District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller said. “Law enforcement protects and serves and puts their life on the line for us, and we take seriously any assault on them while they are doing their jobs.”

Scholl allegedly “became physical” with his girlfriend Sept. 14, 2013, when she did not help him pick up his motorcycle, which he overturned in front of her mobile home on Zorich Road in Ferguson Township. He slapped her with an open palm, hit her repeatedly with a flip-flop and knocked holes through a bathroom wall when she called police.

Police say Scholl grabbed a handgun when they arrived and pointed a loaded pistol at an officer’s head. The police officer allegedly grabbed the barrel of the gun, and Scholl tried to keep it aimed at him.

Scholl allegedly fought the officers for control of his gun, but police pried it from his hands and arrested him.

According to police, the man said he was trying to “make a statement,” by confronting law enforcement with a gun.

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