Man charged with corruption, endangerment in sister’s drinking

A Lansford man has been charged with numerous misdemeanors after police say they found an unconscious 15-year-old near Pegula Ice Arena.

Mark Jon Williams, 20, has been charged with corruption of minors, endangering the welfare of children and recklessly endangering another person.

That person was his younger sister.

Police found the girl on Feb. 13, according to an affidavit, lying on her back on the sidewalk, covered with vomit.

Court documents indicate the girl’s brother, Williams, was on the scene and told police that she had drank approximately four bottles of Redd’s Apple Ale at a party earlier that evening.

Williams told police that the two had attempted to get into the Fetty Wap concert at the Bryce Jordan Center but were denied entry because the girl was inebriated.

He also told police that they had only made it as far as the Pegula Ice Arena, less than 50 yards from the Bryce Jordan Center, when she began vomiting, eventually blacking out.

Williams said his sister had been outside for at least 20 minutes, per court documents.

Records indicate that Feb. 13 was the coldest night of the year with the wind chill factor dipping into the negatives.

Williams also said that he had not made any attempt to use his “functioning cellphone” or “nearby emergency phone to call for help,” according to an affidavit. Police said Williams also had not attempted to turn her on her side to prevent her from aspirating.

The pair’s father, Jon Williams, arrived on the scene shortly after police when he was told by his son that there was “no way” his sister could have been drugged because he had “watched them open and hand every drink to her.”

The affidavit does not indicate where the siblings had been drinking or who provided the alcohol.

The girl remained unconscious until arriving at Mount Nittany Medical Center. Her blood alcohol content registered 0.207, nearly three times the legal limit for individuals of legal drinking age.

Williams’ preliminary hearing has been scheduled for April 27.

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