Michigan man found guilty of drug charges

After a one-day trial, a Centre County jury delivered a verdict against a Michigan man charged with possession of 10 pounds of marijuana.

Edgar Pineda-Pita, 33, of Wayne, Mich., was found guilty of a felony, manufacture, delivery or possession with intent to manufacture or deliver, and two misdemeanors, possession of a controlled substance and use, in addition to one count of possession of drug paraphernalia.

Pineda-Pita was acquitted of the most serious charge, felony-grade conspiracy, which, according to his defense attorney, Phil Masorti, would have required his client to serve time in state prison if found guilty.

Pineda-Pita was arrested in January 2015. Per court documents, he was stopped on Interstate 80 in Boggs Township by a state trooper who observed his side windows heavily tinted with aftermarket material, obstructing the view of the vehicle’s interior.

Pineda-Pita, according to the affidavit, gave the trooper consent to search the vehicle. The trooper found several items that, according to court documents, are commonly used to package illegal drugs.

Sentencing has been scheduled for July 26.