It’s classified as a missile, but the object is unknown

State police at Lewistown are investigating a traffic incident that happened Wednesday afternoon in Benner Township.

The investigating officer, according to the report, is classifying the incident as “propulsion of missiles into an occupied vehicle or onto a roadway.”

The report said a vehicle traveling north on Benner Pike — driven by a 73-year-old Howard woman — was struck by an object causing damage to the passenger side of the vehicle.

The incident reportedly happened near the Bricker Road intersection, the report said.

Police did not say what the object was.

According to the Pennsylvania General Assembly website, the law states that provision 2707 — or “propulsion of missiles into an occupied vehicle or onto a roadway” — is a set of misdemeanor charges against someone who “intentionally throws, shoots or propels a rock, stone, brick, or piece of iron, steel or other like metal, or any deadly or dangerous missile, or fire bomb, into a vehicle or instrumentality of public transportation that is occupied by one or more persons,” or someone who “intentionally throws, shoots, drops or causes to be propelled any solid object, from an overpass or any other location adjacent to or on a roadway, onto or toward said roadway.”

Police have no suspects, according to the report released Saturday.

No injuries were reported.

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