Alois Kudlach’s son testifies in murder trial

Flowers were placed outside the Kudlach home in College Township after Nuria Kudlach was shot in August 2015.
Flowers were placed outside the Kudlach home in College Township after Nuria Kudlach was shot in August 2015. Centre Daily Times file photo

Jurors in the Alois Kudlach murder trial spent the afternoon hearing testimony from his son.

Alex Kudlach, 20, was present at the time of the shooting and was taken with his father for questioning after the police response on Aug. 30, 2015, when his mother, Nuria, was killed.

Alois Kudlach is on trial, charged with first- and third-degree murder, aggravated assault, possession of a weapon and interference with communication.

Questioned by Centre County District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller, Alex Kudlach testified to the type of atmosphere the family shared in their College Township home. He described life with his parents as a “difficult time.”

“All three of us had our arguments,” he said.

The family had moved to State College from Johnstown three years prior, he said, following some trouble he had at school. It was this trouble that he said his mother would occasionally hold over his head, further straining their relationship.

He said he and his father would discuss what would happen if the family split and he and his father lived together.

Alex Kudlach also testified about an argument between his parents the night before the shooting. He witnessed his mother with a hammer — his father would later tell him his mother used the hammer to smash a cellphone containing pornographic images.

The family also had an argument lasting about an hour and a half the morning of the shooting, he said, during which his father presented his mother with a kitchen knife and asked if she was going to use it to threaten them again.

Alois Kudlach claims self-defense in his wife’s death, saying she threatened him with the knife.

Alex Kudlach said his mother went into the kitchen after the argument. His father told him to “stay put.” Alex Kudlach said he didn’t recall hearing his parents arguing from the kitchen, and only recalled hearing two shots fired.

He entered the kitchen when the final shot was fired, he said. He saw his mother slumping against the far wall, and his father was unloading the pistol and laying it on a nearby counter. His father then called 911.

The trial is scheduled through Friday.

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