Forensics expert testifies in College Township murder trial

Prosecutors dug into electronic evidence Thursday as the murder trial of Alois Kudlach entered its fourth day.

Kudlach, 51, is charged with first- and third-degree murder, aggravated assault, possession of a weapon and interference with communications stemming from the shooting death of his wife, Nuria, in August 2015.

Early testimony Wednesday revolved around emails and recordings retrieved from laptop computers recovered from the Kudlach home the day of the shooting.

Agent Robert Soob of the state Office of the Attorney General testified as an electronic forensics expert, describing the devices retrieved from the home, including both personal laptops and laptops provided through Kudlach's work, and the process for retrieving information from the devices.

Soob shared emails he said he had determined may have relevance to the investigation given the information provided to him by investigators.

These included emails in the months leading up to the shooting, including one dated Aug. 16, 2015, from Nuria Kudlach to Alois Kudlach in which she asked him to end his contact with her.

"I'm done with you," the email read. "I'm done with (son) Alex not respecting me."

The shooting occurred two weeks later.

Jurors also heard recordings of an unidentified man taken testing a recording device that were taken from a work laptop.

Earlier testimony showed that laptop had been encrypted when found and was decrypted by Kudlach's place of work. Soob verified that many business require encryption on their devices, and that the practice was an "increasing trend" among private citizens.

The prosecution had served search warrants to obtain the decrypted information from electronics.

Jurors spent the rest of the morning hearing testimony from Pennsylvania State Police forensic workers describing the firearm used in the shooting. One scientists testified that elements of gunshot residue had been recovered from Kudlach's hands, but did not show that he actually fired the weapon.

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