Friends School class uses ‘global thinking’ to give back

Students at State College Friends School are participating in a series of school projects that give back to the community and other places around the world, while honing in on their own academic skills.

It comes with a class project that allowed second- and third-grade student to make knitted bracelets to sell. Proceeds from the sales will help fund additions to the school’s outdoor playground.

In Renee Kredell’s class, things are a little different.

Class participates in project to help fund the One World Play project

Her students found a way to participate in a class project aimed at helping people in developing countries.

As part of Kredell’s class theme “Global thinking,” students collected what some might consider junk, and turn it into toys.

With the use of string, newspaper and plastic bags, students made rag balls — a similar kind of homemade ball used by those who they aim to help.

Students, Kredell said, pitched the project to other students and staff to spread awareness about the project.

Rag balls made by students, and sold for $1

The rag balls are being sold at the school for $1, and money raised will go in a fund to help the One World Play project, which creates a durable, self-pumping ball played with by many children living in poverty.

The ball costs $25.

“One of the challenges in teaching children about other countries is helping them to truly connect and see themselves in those populations,” she said. “This project is helping my students grow their empathy. They are beginning to understand what those kids might be feeling, what their lives would be like if they only had these few things to play with.”

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