SCASD warns community about phishing scam

If you get an email from State College Area School District, think before you click on any links.

Spokesman Chris Rosenblum confirmed Friday that some district emails were compromised as part of a phishing attack.

“Phishing” is the practice of using emails as a ruse to get recipients to reveal information or click on a fake link.

“There were some emails. We don’t know how many,” Rosenblum said.

In fact, he even got one himself.

Nick Zepp, senior information technology manager for the district, said the issues are being addressed.

“We know there have been a bunch of these sent out. We are proactively emailing all parents, guardians, faculty, staff and students,” Zepp said.

While students can have emails as well, Zepp said that it seems the phishing emails are coming only from employee accounts.

Dropbox links have been used, but Rosenblum could not say those were the only kinds of lures the phishers were utilizing.

“What we are really doing is trying to be good digital citizens,” Zepp said.

The district is hoping that its emails — the real emails, that is — can be a “learning experience” to help people better avoid problems.

Zepp said the district is constantly updating filters to avoid problems like the phishing, but that hackers are likewise constantly evolving their attacks.

Lori Falce: 814-235-3910, @LoriFalce