Penn State

Penn State launches new human resources portal

Penn State has changed the way its people are interacting for work.

It’s not how they interact with each other. No, this is about they interact with the computers.

“We are very pleased with the rollout of WorkLion, the human resources portal that includes our new HR and payroll system, Workday,” said Associate Vice President of Human Resources Mary Beahm.

The systems are the newest additions to the universities information systems. They follow on the heels of the 2016 launch of LionPath, the student information system that had a rocky adjustment period. They say things are going better with the HR systems.

“Due to the collaboration and hard work of various teams across the university, we were able to successfully launch this new technology on Sunday, Dec. 10, 2017. Faculty and staff have been encouraged to use the self-service and management-service capabilities of this new technology, with over sixteen-thousand unique users visiting WorkLion since launch,” Beahm said.

The prep for the WorkLion/Workday launch included more than 10,000 people — faculty, staff, graduate students and fellows — doing training on the system before it went live.

While the internet was rife with criticism of LionPath when it was implemented (“Quite possibly the worst website ever created”), Penn State has embraced social media in the WorkLion process. The system has its own Facebook page and Twitter handle, and managers are sharing pictures of training, putting up proactive FAQs and responding to users. Instead of harsh words, the comments are calling the process “easier on the eyes” and enthusiastic team members sharing support and congratulations.

“With the implementation of WorkLion, the university is able to provide a more hands-on approach to our employees and their personal HR and payroll activities,” Senior Director of Shared Services Lauri Catalano said. “For any Penn State employee that has an HR-related question, our HR Shared Services team members are happy to assist.”

It isn’t the last change.

On Jan. 4, the university will be implementing WebAccess, a new authentication system designed as a safety step for email, LionPath and more. It is intended to have an “updated look” with the “same functionality,” according to Penn State.