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Who are Penn State’s highest earners?

Old Main on the Penn State campus on Wednesday, June 20, 2018.
Old Main on the Penn State campus on Wednesday, June 20, 2018. Centre Daily Times, file

Penn State recently released the salaries of 31 university employees as it’s required to do under Pennsylvania’s Right-to-Know Law.

The list includes salaries for the 2016-17 fiscal year.

The RTK Law requires that the university release the salaries of all officers and directors of the state-related institution:

  • Eric Barron, president: $809,002 (With bonuses, Barron is bringing in more than $1 million per year.)
  • Stephen Dunham, vice president and general counsel: $551,364
  • David Gray, senior vice president — Finance and Business: $480,504
  • A. Craig Hillemeier, CEO — Hershey Medical Center: $892,549
  • Nicholas Jones, executive vice president and provost: $522,180
  • Rod Kirsch, senior vice president — Development: $372,449

Penn State football coach James Franklin talks about why they kicked a field goal rather than going for it in the fourth quarter of the Citrus Bowl against Kentucky. Kentucky won, 27-24.

Penn State is also required to release the highest 25 salaries paid to employees who are not officers/directors:

  • James Franklin, head football coach: $1.5 million (That amount is base pay; per Franklin’s contract, he made $4.3 million in total guaranteed compensation in the 2017 contract year.)
  • Robert Harbaugh, Department of Neurosurgery chairman: $1,001,122
  • Peter Dillon, Department of Surgery chairman: $901,805
  • Kevin Black, Orthopedics/Rehabilitation chairman: $852,287
  • John Myers, staff physician — Pediatric Surgery: $830,607
  • Alan Brechbill, executive director — Milton S. Hershey Medical Center: $734,956
  • Sandy Barbour, athletic director: $720,996
  • Walter Pae, staff physician — Heart and Vascular Institute: $713,665
  • Joseph Clark, staff physician — Pediatric Surgery: $698,813
  • William Hennrikus, staff physician — Orthopedics: $663,686
  • Lawrence Sinoway, Penn State Heart and Vascular Institute director: $658,151
  • Douglas Armstrong, staff physician — Orthopedics: $650,483
  • James McInerney, staff physician — Neurosurgery: $641,257
  • Kevin Cockroft, staff physician — Neurosurgery: $634,924
  • Raymond Hohl, Penn State Hershey Cancer Institute director: $614,778
  • Kenneth Hill, staff physician — Neurosurgery: $606,052
  • Brent Pry, football coach: $603,643
  • John Reid, staff physician — Orthopedics: $600,030
  • Graham Spanier, president emeritus: $600,000 (Penn State and Spanier entered into a separation agreement that, among other things, granted him five years of tenured faculty service at $600,000 annually. The last payment was slated to be made in November.)
  • David Quillen, Department of Ophthalmology chairman: $594,861
  • Wayne Sebastianelli, staff physician — Sports Medicine State College: $593,548
  • Timothy Mosher, General Diagnostic Radiology chairman: $591,835
  • David Campbell, staff physician — Heart and Vascular Institute: $587,810
  • Carlo de Luna, staff physician — Neurosurgery: $580,800
  • Christopher Zacko, staff physician — Neurosurgery: $580,779