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Jubelirer seeks re-election to Penn State alumni trustee seat

From CDT staff reports

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A former Pennsylvania politician wants to be re-elected to a different kind of position.

Bob Jubelirer, former Pennylvania lieutenant governor and the longest serving president pro tempore of the state senate, announced Wednesday that he is looking to retain his seat on the Penn State board of trustees.

Jubelirer is one of the three alumni-elected trustees whose seats are up for grabs in this year’s election, along with Alice Pope and Ted Brown.

According to Jubelirer, who joined the board in 2014, he has received the required 250 nominations to appear on the election ballot.

“Three years ago, I respectfully asked for the Penn State alumni community’s support as I worked hard to make changes to a board of trustees that just wasn’t getting the job done,” Jubelirer said. “Since then, we’ve made progress. My fellow reformers and I have won important victories over the board’s ‘old guard’. We secured the release of the complete, unredacted Freeh report. We continue to press for more openness and transparency. And we’ll be pursuing legislation in the Pennsylvania House and Senate that reforms the board top-to-bottom to make it more accountable to the community it serves.”

“Penn State’s alumni community is the strongest and most vibrant in the country, and it’s been an honor to be its voice on our alma mater’s board of trustees,” Jubelirer said. “I humbly ask my fellow alumni to place their trust in me again by re-electing me this May.”