Board of Trustees

Text of Penn State trustee Joel Myers speech to board on unity

Below is the speech Penn State trustee Joel Myers gave at the board meeting Friday urging the unity among those in the Penn State community:

“Now is the time for Penn State to come together as one community. To quote Abraham Lincoln, ‘a house divided against itself cannot stand.’

“Now is the time to celebrate the good of the past and not allow negatives to have a lingering grip on holding back our future, so the future for Penn State can be the best it can be.

“Now is the time for all to support our University and rededicate ourselves to the lofty principles and missions of excellence we have always believed in and executed so well.

“Now is the time for the Board of Trustees to continue movements towards greater transparency and openness.

“Now is the time to heal the fractures in the Penn State nation. Instead of criticism, division and conflict, now is the time to encourage healthy debate, discussion and dialogue.

“Now is the time to celebrate the tremendous progress that Penn State is making in so many areas of teaching, academic research, service, and intercollegiate athletics.

“Now is the time that many of the extremely positive things happening at The Pennsylvania State University get their proper recognition.

“Now is the time for all Penn Staters to take pride in our achievements and to actively spread the positive messages of the terrific things going on at this University wherever and whenever they can.

“Now is the time to celebrate the great accomplishments of our ‘inspired doer’ students from Thon to women’s volleyball.

“Now is the time for us all to exhibit mutual respect.

“Now is the time for all in the Penn State community, from members of the board to the faculty, staff, students, and alumni to do a better job of listening to the other side and working together for the good of all we care about at this university.

“Now is the time we should stress the ideals, the character, and the culture that has continuously made Penn State great.

“Now is the time to acknowledge that as long as we fight among ourselves, the world will pay more attention to our conflicts than they will to our accomplishments.

“Now is the time to consider creating a statue of Fred Pattee and Joe Paterno for the front steps of the library to emphasize the importance of libraries and learning at Penn State.

“The Penn State community must stand united. We should not allow emotions rather than facts to guide our dialogue.

“Now is the time for all Penn Staters, groups and factions to come together for the betterment of this university.”

“Now is the time to put the “we” back into “we are”.