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Members of the community respond to reversal of NCAA sanctions

Penn State Board of Trustee member Anthony Lubrano talks to the media during the on Friday, January 16, 2015 at the Penn Stater.
Penn State Board of Trustee member Anthony Lubrano talks to the media during the on Friday, January 16, 2015 at the Penn Stater. CDT Photo

“We are confident that Penn State’s commitment of $60 million toward victims of child abuse will be beneficial and help both recovery and prevention efforts. ... The restoration of 112 wins is especially great news for our student athletes who performed in both the classroom on the field to earn those results, as well as head coaches Joe Paterno and Tom Bradley, who led our team to victory.”

Anand Ganjam, president, University Park Undergraduate Association

“I’m happy. I think we felt it was going to be this way when we heard the sanctions. It wasn’t really fair, but now that we see the sanctions reversed, we’re happy. Justice has been done.”

Ryan Saba, Penn State senior

“We thank Sen. Corman for his efforts on Penn State’s behalf. Unfortunately, we cannot support an agreement that does not completely retract the language of the consent decree that was forced on the university. ... The consent decree must be unambiguously retracted and the NCAA must apologize to the Penn State community for the language used in that decree. As we have said before, our 40,000 members want to shine the court’s spotlight into the dark corners of the original consent decree and hold accountable those who fraudulently scapegoated the entire Penn State community.”

Penn Staters for Responsible Stewardship

“It’s about time. The class of 2015 has been through it all. We were there when they took everything away. We got our bowl games back, and we’ve got our wins back now. The class of 2015 has just seen it all.”

Rob Englund, Penn State senior

“Treasurer McCord supports the agreement in principle, but he intends to carry out a careful review of the details and language before he signs off on the final settlement.”

Gary Tuma, Pennsylvania Treasury spokesman

“As a Penn State alumnus, I take great pride in all of the accomplishments of our university. With the repeal of the NCAA consent decree, the successes of our student-athletes and coach Joe Paterno have rightfully been restored.”

State Sen. John Yudichak, D-Luzerne

“Justice has been served. People realized the NCAA made a mistake.”

Harris Roberts, Penn State senior

“Any effort by Penn State officials or others that implies the NCAA’s action suggests the university had no responsibility for the molestation of adolescent boys by the defensive coordinator of its football team ... is ludicrous. ... To imply that Penn State and its officials were innocent victims of Sandusky’s actions is an insult to the real victims here — numerous adolescent boys who were permanently scarred.”

Howard Janet, attorney for Victim 6, whose case was not settled and is still pending

“I am thankful that a small but significant part of this great injustice has been rectified with the restoration of Joe Paterno’s win record. Joe and Penn State did not cover anything up because there was simply nothing to cover up.”

Dottie Sandusky

“I’m really happy. Our professor just announced it in class. I think the NCAA made the right call.”

Regan Alecxih, Penn State junior

“We are beyond ecstatic that Coach Paterno’s wins were restored. We have always been a huge supporter of Joe Paterno. Our support for Paterno has never wavered over the past years and we are so happy that the wins are back where they belong.”

Caroline Gummo, advertising director, the Family Clothesline

“The proposed settlement is a slap in the face to sexual abuse victims of Jerry Sandusky and all victims of sexual abuse.”

Robert Hoatson, president of Road to Recovery