Board of Trustees

PS4RS endorses Lubrano, McCombie in bid for re-election to Penn State board of trustees

As nominations begin for this year’s selection of alumni-elected members of Penn State’s board of trustees, the endorsement process is also getting started.

On Monday, the Penn Staters for Responsible Stewardship came out with their first statement of support in the 2015 contest.

“Penn Staters for Responsible Stewardship unequivocally endorses Anthony Lubrano and Ryan McCombie in the 2015 Penn State trustee election, thanks to their exemplary contributions over the past three years,” spokeswoman Maribeth Roman Schmidt. said

Not included was Adam Taliaferro, the former Nittany Lion football player memorably injured in a 2000 game against Ohio State. Taliaferro went on to graduate from Penn State and earn a law degree.

Earlier this month, Lubrano said that although he and McCombie would seek to retain their seats, Taliaferro would not.

Taliaferro subsequently denied that, saying he was still weighing his options and had not yet decided if he would seek re-election.

Schmidt said the PS4RS support was based on information that Taliaferro would not be running again.

“Adam Taliaferro’s contributions are also greatly appreciated, especially his role as a plaintiff in Paterno et al v. NCAA,” Scmidt wrote. “We developed our nomination process based on that understanding.”

Nominations will continue to be accepted through Feb. 25 and must be made by requesting a ballot at

University spokeswoman Lisa Powers said ballots can only be obtained by registering in this way and not by phone or email. Candidates must receive 250 nominations to make the ballot.

Final election of eligible nominated candidates will take place between April 10 and May 7. New trustees will be seated for terms beginning July 1.