Jerry Sandusky Scandal

In a reversal, PSU to pay fees for subpoenaed employees

Penn State’s insurance will pay the legal fees of employees who were recently subpoenaed by the state Attorney General’s Office after all.

Karen Peetz, chairwoman of the university trustees, said after a trustees meeting Friday that those employees who had been subpoenaed would have to get their own attorneys and that a newly formed board committee would look into whether the university would cover those costs.

On Tuesday, a spokeswoman said Penn State’s insurance carrier would reimburse employees for those costs.

“The University is suggesting those individuals who received subpoenas retain their own counsel and the University will agree to reimburse them for their legal expenses as if they were acting within the scope of their employment and in the interest of the University. Expenses of such counsel will be paid by the University’s D&O insurance carrier,” a statement on the university’s “Openness” website reads.

University officials, including Peetz, have said they don’t know how many people have been subpoenaed in the latest round from the state Attorney General’s Office.

Last month, the university received a federal subpoena in the case that stems from charges of child sex abuse against former football coach Jerry Sandusky and questions about how the university responded to the allegations. Sandusky, who is slated to stand trial on 52 criminal counts, maintains his innocence.

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