Jerry Sandusky Scandal

Sandusky gives animated testimony in Centre County Courthouse

Jerry Sandusky testified Friday morning in the Centre County Courthouse in a Post Conviction Collateral Relief Act hearing.

His testimony was often emotional ranging from smiles and laughter entering the court to animated frustration when asked questions about his preliminary hearing, his criminal trial and about Matt Sandusky, who he called his former son.

Sandusky testified to alleged errors by his former attorney Joe Amendola, including having the former Penn State defensive coordinator do his infamous interview with Bob Costas. Sandusky called himself "naive" and said he trusted his attorney.

Court recessed after Sandusky's testimony. He is done testifying.

Karl Rominger, who was part of Sandusky's legal team during his 2012 trial for 48 counts of child sexual abuse, will also testify.

Sandusky's new attorney, Al Lindsay, has argued that both Rominger and Amendola provided inadequate counsel during the trial. Rominger has since pleaded guilty to tax evasion and is no longer a practicing attorney.

Lindsay says Sandusky should have had a preliminary hearing, and Rominger agreed. A preliminary hearing is the part of the criminal legal process where the prosecution lays out the basics of the case and a district judge decides if there is enough evidence to proceed to trial.

Sandusky waived his preliminary hearing on 48 counts of child sex abuse charges in December 2011. He was later convicted of 45 of those counts.

In his testimony, Sandusky said he didn't understand the process and relied on his attorneys guidance. Rominger assisted Amendola in the criminal case and said that he argued for a hearing rather than waiving it.

"I wrote an article, 'Don't Waive Your Preliminary Hearing,'" he said.

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