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I’m going to endorse you – the voter

Becky Cunningham casts her ballot at Good Shepherd Catholic Church in State College in April.
Becky Cunningham casts her ballot at Good Shepherd Catholic Church in State College in April. Centre Daily Times, file

I’m not telling you who should get your vote.

Plenty of newspapers, websites, commentators and politicians have weighed in on the presidential race. You don’t need one more voice in the throng.

I am not advocating for one person or one party. That isn’t my job or my purpose.

There is one thing that I endorse, one thing that I want more than anything.

It’s not a particular candidate in a particular race. It isn’t a platform or an ideology.

It’s much larger than that. And at the same time, much smaller.

I endorse you.

I throw my support behind the voters, because the voters are the ones who are going to make the decisions.

But to do that, you need to have information, and you need to not just take it in. You need to seek it out.

We frequently receive comments on the Centre Daily Times website and Facebook posts, calling us out for bias when we put out a story on one candidate or another. We are critiqued for presenting the columnist someone disagrees with instead of more of another who says what that someone wants to hear.

But picking a side isn’t the point. An equity of options is.

We cannot be the voters we need to be without holding ourselves accountable to have the best information we can get, which means having a kaleidoscope of opinions and a spectrum of views.

And so I endorse you, the readers, because I know from experience that you hold your news sources to the highest standards. I know that you are not shy about your opinions and your demands. I know that you take politics seriously, no matter what side of the aisle you favor.

I know that you value your community, your economy, your patriotism, your rights, your responsibilities, your education, your children and your environment. I know that because every day, you read about things that impact those aspects of your life and you let us know how important they are.

So from now until Nov. 8, I am asking you to open your mind, open your paper, open your computer, turn on your TV and let as much information in as you can. Read things you don’t agree with. Talk to someone with a different opinion. Think about all of those things that you tell us are important, and make the most informed choices that you can when you cast your ballot.

I believe in you.

Lori Falce: 814-235-3910, @LoriFalce