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Sharing thoughts on state government

I'm looking forward to speaking to the Centre County League of Women Voters tonight about state government and other topics.

They applauded our statewide Broken Budgets project in April and I'll share background on that.

I'll also share my views about the $300 million legislature and the governor who initally wanted to hold a conversation about higher education but never did. Remember Gov. Tom Corbett's budget address when he said he wanted to hold that conversation? Where have you been, Mr. Governor.

Behind closed doors is where, along with legislative leaders as they hammer out a budget. There will be no open, meaningful debate on education funding, social service funding, Marcellus Shale taxation or anything else.

What are they debating?

For two days the House has debated the voter ID bill, which would do nothing but restrict access to the polls for some. And that's ridiculous.

But the leaders thought it would be time consuming for the rank and file to pound away at that bill, while the leaders did the important and secret stuff.

I'll enjoy tonight's back and forth with the LWV. But I'd enjoy real change even more. In Pennsylvania? I'm not holding my breath.