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Republicans and Democrats

The Harrisburg Republicans have proven they can do something the Harrisburg Democrats can't do -- enact a budget on time when you have total control of the government.

Should we applaud?

The Harrisburg Republicans have also shown they're just like the Harrisburg Democrats -- they can't cut government. No, they just can't do it.

In the case of the Harrisburg Senate Republican and Democrats, they agreed -- we'll give the caucuses millions more.

Amazing, isn't it, that they can cut education and then turn around and give themselves more. They have no shame, do they? But this is the story of government these days, whether it's Harrisburg or another state capital or Washington. They cannot cut themselves.

It gets me back to a regular theme: There has to be a Constitutional Convention in Pennsylvania to allow citizens at the table to spark real reform.

The last one happened in 1968. There's a reason why another one won't happen -- those in power won't let it.