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Make State Patty's a better experience

So now we have the borough's State Patty's report, oddly released at the end of June with no comment and confusing statistics.

So it goes. The borough reminds me of a Harrisburg government agency that releases its findings just as the office closes before the big holiday weekend.

State Patty's made a profit, according to the report, but that shouldn't stop anyone from thinking more has to be done to make this "holiday" a better experience for all.

I wrote a column in March that offered some ideas and got some reaction. A few people called and emailed that they thought it was great and they agree more has to be done, but they didn't want to go public. So there were no letters addressing the same view, if I recall correctly.

Here's the March column.

I for one don't want to see this "holiday" continue in the same form year after year, no matter whether it sends revenue into the borough or not.