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Spanier and Corbett: Happy together

What could Penn State President Graham Spanier and Gov. Tom Corbett possibly be laughing over?

That's a great question today after their appearance together at Ag Progress. Today's photo by Chris Weddle is easily the photo of the day. 

Penn State is none too happy with Corbett's funding cuts to agriculture, and many in the audience I'm sure are none too happy about those Corbett cuts and his continued blind eye to the gas drilling industry.

The governor who refuses to raise revenue on this growing industry but loves to cut education -- and agriculture and other programs -- blew in and out at Ag Progress.

Nice to see him on the road. It would be nicer, though, to hear him have a conversation about higher education funding in the future.

Rather than a public conversation, we'll probably learn the answer to this in Corbett's budget proposal next year.

By then we might even have a fee imposed on gas drillers. We'll see if anyone in Harrisburg can get anything done on this and whether Corbett can open his eyes to this industry.