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Why athletes are named when arrested

As in the case of the Penn State punter today, some readers always wonder in online posts why football players are named when they're arrested and why other students or residents aren't.

In the case of the punter, he pleaded guilty to an underage drinking charge and a disorderly conduct charge and he paid fines.

Anthony Fera is named, as other scholarship athletes will be named, because they should be role models to young fans, fellow students and fans. They're getting a free ride and they're participating in a powerful athletic program which brings them grand attention.

Underage drinking and drinking offenses are huge problems in State College. More than half of the crime is alcohol related. So this is a big deal, it costs the community in providing public safety, and an athlete involved in something is like this is news.

I'm sure Coach Joe Paterno is interested. He may not like having the names out there, but that's going to happen every time.