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Surviving the earthquake

I'm enjoying the "I Survived the East Coast earthquake" T-shirts that are popping up everywhere and the emails and calls from friends wondering if we're all OK on the right side of the country.

Yes, we felt the ground shake for a few moments. I was at the computer, as usual, and wondered how crazy this was.

We posted a story quickly and then worked the Web site and Facebook, with readers posting comments and sharing their experiences.

It was a big story indeed, but later last night the big sports story took center stage as the Keystone Little Leaguers won over Georgia in dramatic fashion.

This is a great story that is bringing together an entire community, and I look forward to Thursday's game against Montana or California. 

I'm sure the newsroom will enjoy the pecan pies that will come from Macon, as part of our editors' wager. There were no losers last night. 

Meanwhile, back to the earthquake. Fortunately all is well this time.