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Traveling to Happy Valley for Bama game

Be aware, Penn State fans, that you face a difficult trip to Happy Valley if you're coming from the south or east.

I'm already hearing from fans pumped for the Alabama game and seemingly unaware that major flooding is hitting Pennsylvania and it will get worse.

Happy Valley has escaped with relatively few problems compared to what is being faced elsewhere. You may have to change parking patterns but if you're driving in you should be OK here.

The problem will come elsewhere. Already Interstate 80 is closed near Bloomsburg and more than 100,000 people in northeastern Pennsylvania are being evacuated as the Susquehanna River nears Agnes level flood stage.

Harrisburg is predicting a river crest on Friday afternoon that's just four feet from Agnes level. That would make it the third worse flooding in history.

This is serious and will impact travel from the south and the east. Please take time to remap your trip for the Alabama weekend.

A lot of fans are going to be disappointed if they don't plan ahead and adjust. Just a word to the wise from someone who drove here from the Harrisburg area for games for two decades before moving here.

Prepare yourself and travel safely.