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A community of 30,000

Ever wonder how many other people are reading news on during the day?

Well let's take yesterday, a typical Wednesday with a lot of breaking news from town and gown and around the county.

In all 29,044 unique visitors stopped by and they generated 145,000 page views.

Of those visitors 11,600 were from the State College-Altoona area.

Those are just the uniques; some readers visit several times a day for the latest news and to chat with others.

This is a bustling site, and we'll top a half million unique visitors almost every month.

Some like the posted comments, others don't. Yet given these numbers of readers you can see that not many people post comments -- yet.

That seems to grow each week, and many times readers police the threads and flag the worst comments. We appreciate that.

Enjoy the website, and know that a lot of people are visiting while you are.