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Occupy: Will it make a difference?

Just what do you think of the Occupy movement, particularly now that it's come to Happy Valley?

Well readers are debating it, and as you'd expect it's across the board.

With nearly 150 comments with the story since it was posted Monday, you'll get a sense of the debate everywhere.

As one reader noted recently, "If these comments aren't an example of the deep divisions within our country, I don't know what is."

That's very well put, and in this chair you see it every day.

Centre County is the most divided county politically in Pennsylvania, with about the same number of Republicans and Democrats and about 16 percent independent.

Yet extremes on both sides in the parties react in stunned horror when something they disagree with is printed, and they act like there isn't another equal side that might appreciate it.

We see it all the time, and that's not called anything Occupy.