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Paterno the Big Ten coach of the year?

I'm no more of a fan of this two-quarterback Penn State system than anyone else.

But Coach Joe Paterno has been consistent in his approach, and his team is 8-1 and head and shoulders on top in its Big Ten division.

It wins ugly, maybe, but it is accomplishing something that many Penn State teams have not.

This Penn State team has great defense and a great running game. Matt McGloin is a typical Penn State quarterback, and that's all this team needs to win.

The tough games are coming, but you have to think this Penn State team will be ready. And with its defense and running game, this team is well suited to steal one of those games on the road, if not two. It should play in and perhaps win the conference title game.

What just may happen is that Coach Joe Paterno, criticized by some this year over his quarterbacks and more, may be the Big Ten Coach of the Year.

Wouldn't that be cool. 

-- Bob Heisse