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Penn State Scandal: Sandusky case: Who knew what, when?

As much as we may have suspected, we had no idea that such a sweeping state indictment was coming against Jerry Sandusky.

Charges involve eight minors over about 15 years.

Some of those years were while Sandusky was at Penn State, and clearly with charges against Tim Curley and Gary Schultz the state must find out who knew what, when in the 1990s.

This whole thing is rocking Happy Valley, but it needs to come full circle and it must provide answers.

Remember this probe was started by Tom Corbett, the current governor and former attorney general. His Bonusgate probes have taken down quite a few in the legislature.

This one is so troubling and there are so many questions. There are so many victims and potential victims.

The only thing we can do is report every step of the legal process, which will yield the answers.