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Penn State Scandal: Top commented Sandusky case stories on Monday

Again, since we're without a top commenting meter, we'll highlight the top commented stories here if you want to join the discussion.

Hundreds of comments are being posted, and to answer a reader's concern yesterday we do not manage or delete comments unless other readers flag them or we find them vulgar or offensive.

This system is regulad by readers.

We'er happy to provide this and thank all readers for visiting and for commenting.

Here are some top stories:

-- Coach Joe Paterno's statement. At this writing there are 100 comments posted with these two stories. You can access both with this link. 

-- This morning's top story on the outcome of last night's Penn State trustees' executive session. At this point there are 127 comments.

-- Sunday's main story on the arrest of Jerry Sandusky. There are just short of 300 comments.

There are comments with every story. And join us on Facebook for a discussion there. Thanks again for reading us.